Back to work – 05/28/2007

     I've finished the Lucrezia Borgia project, so that means I can once again focus on the Forsaken. Despite drawing and coloring some 15 costumes in the last week *and surviving an unsettling Viva Pinata binge* I was able to finish page 20. You all know what that magic number 20 means, right? At long last, I can petition for forum space.

     However, this creates one little problem for me. I have no real estate anywhere in my logo/banner for a forum hyperlink. So…I guess what happens now is I get to put on the webmaster hat and pretend I know what I'm doing once again. Maybe this time I'll be able to get the firefox problems patched up, too, since the majority of you are using it.

     Lastly, I've committed myself to a new project. I'm going to re-write my novel, which is actually the progenitor to the Forsaken…and is set about thirty years later. I submitted the manuscript to several publishers but I've not heard anything yet so I figured I'd tweak on it a bit. I should still have plenty of time to do my weekly Forsaken update.

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