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The Styxers


     Within virtuality, Vlad frequents the Lost Sea Ivenue, where he takes on the role of a vampiric captain of a pirate ship known as the Sea Scamp. As the eldst Styxer, Vlad is also the most jaded and he genuinely grows tired of life of excess that Virtuality makes possible.

     Like the other Styxers, Vlad is a gifted hacker but his primary contribution to his guildmembers is his broad knowledge of virtuality, the Ultranet, and the world beyond. He is patient and levelheaded, which often puts him at odds with the younger, more fiery Styxers, Calib and Grim.

     The mysterious leader of the Styxers generally takes the form of a gray feline while in Virtuality. Little is known of Raven aside from the fact that she's highly skilled in security decryption and password cracking. She is a straightfaced perfectionist and seldom has patience for Grim's clownish antics.
     Even more of an enigma than Raven is Zero; an interactual ninja with twitch reflexes and a mystical blade that never leaves his side. His specialities lie on the neurological side of the ultranet--he is unmatched in his quick thinking, spacial processing, and cognitive acquisition. These traits allow him to move, think, and react faster than normal people...even in virtuality.
     At eight years old, Calib is the youngest of the Styxers. His talent lies with writing precache hacks prior to entering virtuality. These applications give him the ability to use certain magic-like abilities while online. Calib can come off as cocky and impatient, primarily due to his youthful age, but he is also exceedingly loyal to his friends.
     Cleo is a founding member of the Styxers and her talents lie in communications, global networking, and application interface. In recent months, she has attempted to distance herself from the world of ultranet hacking by earning employment with the ultranet support section of Industrial Dynamics. The other Styxers don't know the true reason for her change of heart; she can't bring herself to tell them all that she's pregnant.
     Relatively unskilled in the art of hacking, Dorothy is Raven's confidante and personal assistant. She is a self-proclaimed punk; she enjoys things like tattoos, loud music, wild haircuts, and combat boots. Her sense of humor has a sardonic edge sharp enough to irritate those unaccustomed to it. Being so close to the leader of the Styxers, she enjoys a certain level of impunity and speaks her mind without fear of reprisal. Her snide demeanor and opinionated comments rarely win the favor of her comrades, but Grim's softspot for Dorothy is fairly evident.